Link partners

If one of your link partners is failing to return any traffic, there may be several causes. The site may be of poor quality. You should think twice about trading links with a site that isn’t up to your own quality standards? your visitors view the link as a recommendation on your part, and your […]

Concessions in order

If you’ve had to make concessions in order to get a reciprocal link, such as displaying a banner in exchange for a text link, you’ll want to monitor such arrangements very closely. If your site is consistently sending more traffic to the other site than you receive, it may be time to reopen the negotiations. […]

Create High-Ranking Doorway Pages

Since the main page of your site won’t rank high for every set of keywords you want, you’ll end up submitting multiple pages from your site. There are two special kinds of pages, called doorways and bridges, that can provide a little boost to your search engine rankings. They do this by allowing you to […]

Doorway page

A bridge page is different from a doorway page. Bridge pages are set up solely to fool the search engines, by cramming keywords into a single page. This page is just a “bridge” between a search engine (in many cases, it will be targeted at a single search engine) and the rest of your site. […]

Improving Search Engine Position with META Tags

Once you’ve decided what keywords you want to use to maximize your search engine ranking, it’s important to understand how the search engines rank your pages. In addition to the page’s title, the URL, and contents, two META tags are used by all search engines to index your site. These are the “keywords” and “description” […]

Keyword strategy

When you implement the full keyword strategy we’ve described throughout our site, you have at least a slight chance of moving up far enough in the rankings for it to matter. However, winning and maintaining a good search engine ranking can become a full-time job. Everyone with a site similar to yours is trying to […]

Using Domain Names to Improve Keyword Results

One of the most powerful factors influencing search engines is the domain name itself. Registering additional domain names that contain one or more keywords or phrases will do wonders for your search engine rankings. You can register multiple domain names, and have the same site under each domain. You can submit each domain separately for […]

Keyword laden

So, what are these long, keyword-laden domain names good for? Well, if you’re scratching for that extra edge in the search engine wars, this may well put you over the top, especially since so few website operators appear to have figured it out. How? They make great domain names for bridge pages . Try this […]

Bridge pages

Once you’ve got your bridge page set up, make sure you have links to your bridge pages buried somewhere on your site, and get as many other sites as you can to do the same ? it’s not important that the other sites linking to your bridge pages have similar content to yours Internetowy Portfel. They […]