Bridge pages

Once you’ve got your bridge page set up, make sure you have links to your bridge pages buried somewhere on your site, and get as many other sites as you can to do the same ? it’s not important that the other sites linking to your bridge pages have similar content to yours Internetowy Portfel. They can even be “free for all” links pages. The whole purpose of this activity is to make up for the gap between your main site’s “link popularity” (which will be based partly on reciprocal links) and the relatively low link popularity of your bridge page. See our article on increasing link popularity for a comprehensive program.

As we said already, this trick does work. We highly recommend that you take advantage of its relative obscurity now, and register a few domain names with as many keywords as you need. It should be relatively easy to make a deal with your hosting provider (if you’re on a virtual server) or set up the additional domain names (if you have a dedicated server) to serve up a few bridge pages. It only costs $60 to register a domain name. You’ve got your list of keywords made up, so start here to find out how many you can cram into a 67-character domain name.