Create High-Ranking Doorway Pages

Since the main page of your site won’t rank high for every set of keywords you want, you’ll end up submitting multiple pages from your site. There are two special kinds of pages, called doorways and bridges, that can provide a little boost to your search engine rankings. They do this by allowing you to focus on additional keywords beyond those on your main page, or even focusing on the same keywords as your main page in ways that you couldn’t do otherwise. You will often see “doorway” and “bridge” used interchangeably on other sites, but the definitions we use will hopefully make more sense to you.

For our purposes here, a doorway page is any page on your site that makes sense as an entry point ? for this site, the home page and the entry pages for the four main sections cialis tanio (Marketing, Search Engines, Improve Your Site, Toolkit) are also doorway pages. Even the articles, in this sense, are considered doorway pages. Your goal with a doorway page is to have it rank high for a particular keyword or phrase, using all of the methods we’ve defined in this section.