Keyword laden

So, what are these long, keyword-laden domain names good for? Well, if you’re scratching for that extra edge in the search engine wars, this may well put you over the top , especially since so few website operators appear to have figured it out. How? They make great domain names for bridge pages . Try this trick out yourself, it really works!

As you recall from the “doorway and najlepsza kamagra bridge pages” article (read it now if you haven’t already), these are pages which exist solely for the purpose of ranking high on a search engine. They’re usually set up for one keyword or phrase. You use the keywords in the title, place it in the META tags, and it’s heavily woven into the bridge page’s content. Since everyone else is doing this, how do you put your bridge page on top? By registering apteka kamagra a domain name full of keywords, and using it for all of your bridge pages, you’ll bump your relevance up just a little bit more.