Keyword strategy

When you implement the full keyword strategy we’ve described throughout our site, you have at least a slight chance of moving up far enough in the rankings for it to matter. However, winning and maintaining a good search engine ranking apteka kamagra can become a full-time job. Everyone with a site similar to yours is trying to rank high on the same keywords you are, and sometimes completely unrelated sites will rank higher no matter what you do. For example, searching for “printers” on any search engine may give you the home pages of small printshops, or it may give you reviews of inkjet printers.

Other META tags you may want to include are:

to let search engines know to index all pages.
to advise the search engine to reindex monthly.
for general audience sites.

You should also consider getting a PICS rating tag set up, for Internet Explorer users who are using the built-in content control features of that browser. This will be especially important if your site’s intended audience includes children.Although META tags are important, some search engines don’t even look at them! However, if you follow cialis dla faceta our strategy all the way, you’ve probably done everything you can to win a good ranking, except for one thing ? getting links from other sites. One of the most important factors search engines use in evaluating your web site’s relevance is its “link popularity,” or the number of sites that link to yours. For more help on getting other sites to link to yours, see the Marketing section.