Link partners

If one of your link partners is failing to return any traffic, there may be several causes. The site may be of poor quality. You should think twice about trading links with a site cialis na recepte that isn’t up to your own quality standards? your visitors view the link as a recommendation on your part, and your site’s reputation will suffer.

If the other site is of poor quality, few of their visitors are going to see the link to your site, because they’ll be off to search for something better long before they get to the links page. Would you trust the links on a poorly designed website with bad content?

On the other hand, the link to your site may never have been set up, or it may be in a poor location kamagra na erekcje . If it hasn’t been set up at all, or has been removed, politely remind the other site’s operator about your reciprocal linking agreement. If it’s in a poor location, ask if it can be moved. It helps in such cases if you can show how much traffic is moving, in each direction, from the links that have been set up. Sometimes, web site operators simply have too many links ? if there are hundreds of links on the other site, ask to be placed near the top of the list, or set apart somehow. If all else fails, you can always cancel your arrangement. This should be a last resort, however.