Managing Your Reciprocal Linking Program

After you’ve spent all that time and effort getting other web sites to trade links with you, you may be tempted to just leave it alone, and let it work. There are a lot of other demands on your time, after all . The email has to be answered, the phone might even be ringing, and you’ve got a big banner ad promotion starting next viagra i kamagra week. Only you can set your priorities, but reciprocal links are not a one-time activity. You’ll do okay if all you do is set them up, but you’ll do a lot better if you actively manage your reciprocal linking program.

We strongly suggest that you monitor all the traffic, coming and going, for each of the reciprocal links you set up. You’ll want to reward those who send you the most traffic, and take action if one of your link trades is turning out to be a one-way road leading visitors away from your site karton z tektury falistej . It’s relatively easy to set up scripts on your site to count click-throughs from your links, and you can also use scripts to keep track of the source of incoming traffic. If you’re looking for an even simpler method, though perhaps less effective, your web server’s “referrer logs” will also tell you where your traffic is coming from. If you use a web statistics provider like Hitbox, that type of information is all part of the service.