Using Domain Names to Improve Keyword Results

One of the most powerful factors influencing search engines is the domain name itself. Registering additional domain names that contain one or more keywords or phrases will do wonders for your search engine rankings. You can register multiple domain names, tania viagra and have the same site under each domain. You can submit each domain separately for indexing. This is a great strategy for creating successful doorway and bridge pages.

You may think that all of the good keywords are already being used in domain names, but consider these two important facts:

Domain names up to 67 characters are now legal on the Internet. Although there are few of the old 23-character names left, there are plenty of opportunities to register a domain name with your keywords in the new domain name system. With 67 characters, you can come up with some real impressive names, like “” ? it’s not pretty, but don’t worry, you’re probably not going to use it for your main web site.
Search engines aren’t looking for a kamagra apteka logical-sounding name ? that’s a human thing. If you’re selling dog food, and someone else already registered “” (somebody did?), you can register something like “” and still come out better than many sites. As long as the keywords appear in the name (and the earlier the better) you still benefit.